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Successful Implementations Driven by Client-Side Support

Workday® implementation is a large-scale effort with many moving pieces. Just as every client is different, every implementation is unique and there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. We live and breathe post-go-live support, so we understand how to properly configure a system with future functionality and maintenance in mind. We know the level of impact a design decision or missed test case can have because we see it every day.

At iCloudfluence , we offer seamless & responsive support to our clients through their Phase 1 Workday® implementations. Our experienced consultants have executed countless Workday® implementations and worked through all the post-go-live challenges. Our agile support helps our clients to make quick and right decisions during their Phase 1 Workday® implementation. Be it functional streams, deployment, integrations, or technical support – icloudfluence is your trusted Phase 1 advisory partner.

Proven to aid in a successful long-term Workday® engagement, our consultants can assist in:

Design and Deployment

Our experienced consultants offer deep Workday® architect level feedback during our client’s Workday® design & deployment process. We help our clients build a strong foundation for life in production and Phase 2 Workday® implementations. Our consultants understand that all of Workday® is connected – you can’t design or implement in a silo, all downstream impacts and cross functional dependencies need to be considered.

Training and Knowledge Transfer

We offer extensive training to the end-users on how to handle the system once live – executing transactions, troubleshooting techniques, EIBs, organization maintenance, and general knowledge of how the system was architected. We also offer training for specific workstreams, be it HCM, Absence, Benefits, etc. to teach in-house teams how to support and maintain a functional area.

Testing Cycles

We offer full-time and real-time support to develop Workday® testing scripts, execute testing of modules, train the internal teams on Workday® and track cycle progress. Knowing how to test and
what impacts to consider is crucial to project success.


Reporting is an area that rarely gets addressed in the Phase 1 implementation of Workday®. We help our clients build reports dashboards that are ready for go-live. We also help our clients hit the ground running with useful system information and analytics.


Our consultants have been through them, countless times. They can help plan, organize, and execute all the activities that need to happen around go-live, additionally starting to prioritize the list of items that were pushed to post go-live.


having a dedicated resource through the stabilization period of the go-live helps stabilize any issues (issues are inherent), while providing an opportunity to train the team using real-life examples.Implementation consultants are off to their next project, but our consultants, who have been with you through all the project stages, are always available to you.

Determining the Right Support Model

Support in-house or outsource to consultants? Who ‘owns’ the updates? How big of a team is needed? Our consultants have seen every different structure of support plan and can help outline what works best for your organization moving forward.

A client-side Workday® expert is an asset to any Workday® implementation, providing expertise on methodology and configuration while contributing to end user readiness. The implementation process is long and intense, but a consultant on the team will help ease the burden and drive the project to success.

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